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Peintre - Graveur- Lithographe
Chevalier des Arts et Lettres

Full time artist 
Pierre Risch is one of these uncompromising painters whose work is individual and demanding. 
Only solo exhibitions - 
To date, Paris, Bruxelles, Geneve, Oslo, Abu Dhabi, New York, and Tokyo...have shown his work.
International art lovers and collectors have followed him faithfully for the past thirty years. Now, Pierre Risch appears in most of the great private collections in the world.







PIERRE RISCH :"The painter of Happiness"

The artist was born in Saint Germain des Pres - Paris.
Is this why he is always celebrating something ? 

After studying at the Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg, and having won the title of Best Young Painter in Geneva, Pierre Risch joins a group of painters in Paris to learn all the traditional art of Print -  art de l'Estampe - (engraving, lithograph, serigraph...).
He becomes passionate about Engraving (etching, aquatint, dry point...)taught by painters/engravers; he goes to the Lacouriere et Frelaut workshop in Montmartre where he lives, and where the greatest had been:
Picasso, Chagal, Rouault...
There, Pierre Risch produces a series of engravings, mixing the three techniques, notably a triptych on the Commedia del Arte.
( See bibliography).
Pierre Risch also lerans the technique of Lithography on limestone, and buys a hand press (bete a cornes) from a lithographer who is retiring. In his studio, he still uses the press to produce his lithographs with a great respect for tradition .Occasionally Pierre Risch invites his followers for a demonstration, for the fun of it.
( See index page: how we realise our lithographs)
presse litho
During the 's70 watercolours and Pastels are the poor relatives the visual Arts, but Pierre Risch falls in love with these techniques so unfairly dismissed, and decides to give them back their true worth.
At that time, discredited Watercolours often remain the preparatory work for an oil painting. The market for Watercolours is non existent and there are no followers so the artist undertakes to create the demand in the course of several exhibitions. Through hard work and innovations he gives the technique a new lease of life and meets success. Many painters follow suit. He mainly works with poetic landscapes.
(See bibliography - Emmanuel Robles)
At the same itme, he works with Pastels on portraits and figures. Man, his expressions, his soul, fascinate him. He was called "The soul thief" for quite a while.
He particularly enjoys the freschness, spontaneity and the difficulty of the technique. This technique, marginal for many painters, is also about to disappear. With Passion, he finds it interesting, and working closely with the manufacturers, he finds new shades, new mediums( his research and findings available today have contributed to a renewal of interest that is still growing)

Pierre Risch puts together exhibitions that are often didactic, supported by museums, foundations, or art collectors. 
( See bibliographie - Musee du Pastel Antoine Lecuyer)
Paris,Bruxelles,Geneve, Oslo,Abu Dhabi,New York,Tokyo... have exhibited his work to date.
His exhibitions are much enjoyed because of the quality of the work,  and because the paintings radiate gaiety,  his favourite themes being celebration,  the Venice Carnival, Jazz, dance etc.
They bring happiness across the world.
With time, and through hard work, Pierre Risch has acquired value as a French artist. National and international collectors have invested wisely as his paintings very rarely come up for sale on the "second market" for auction.
Risch is an investment that can be passed on.
This a very rare privilege for a living artist.
Pierre Risch has chosen the most difficult path of intellectual independance wihtout giving into compromises, and whilst creating his own universe and demands on himself.
Which makes him say with humour"that for a long time, painting heated him up rather than fed him."
The artist is an Epicurian, a man of his time, in love with life, and will occasionally lend his talent to the promotion of a good vine, or the dynamic ideas of a leading entreprise.
Villeroy et BochDe Castellane
...... After a break of more than 15 years in the historic center of Saint Remy de Provence,
enough time to renovate a XVII eme century mansion where He has created an exceptional independant artistic space , The Master has decided to move for a new Artistic experience, et to create his new Studio and private showroom.
- Pierre Risch's art lovers and art collectors,
- groups of Friends of international Museums
- companies who organize a cultural stop during a training workshop
- independant travel agent in charge of Chinese, Russian, Us ... people, who look for an escapade of highest cultural interest
can contact Pierre Risch by E MAIL at
for a private visit by appointment with a personal welcome .

Dreams, emotions, discovery are key words for Pierre Risch's Passion for quality.

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